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History of the Mississippi Squares Dance Club

Formed in 1986, the club is based in the friendly town of Carleton Place, Ontario at the junction of Highways 7, 15 and 29, approximately 40 km to the south-west of Ottawa (see map on LOCATION page).  It derives its name from the nearby Mississippi Lake.  Our regular dancing location is the Brunton Community Hall, just south of Carleton Place.  The Mississippi Squares currently has one of the largest memberships in the Eastern Ontario Square and Round Dancing Association (EOSARDA).  The club teaches modern square dancing with our callers Brain and Amy Crawford, and is very active in the recruitment of new dancers. To this end the format on Tuesday evenings is one of alternating Basic and Mainstream tips. The immediate integration of new dancers with the Mainstream group has, since it's inception, proven to be very successful in the retention of new dancers. Plus dancing is held weekly on Friday evenings.  Some of our Friday dances feature round dancing between square dance tips.

In 2014, the club introduced round dancing to add more variety and enjoyment for our members. Round dancing with cuers Jean and Don Clingin is held weekly on Monday evenings.

About Our Club

The club hosts an open dance each year, the Halfway Dance,

Mississippi Squares Halfway Dance draws crowd of 300
Click on photo to see the complete article about the 2017 Halfway Dance and a larger photo.  - Thanks to the Hometown News

The club conducts training workshops, organizes demonstrations, and also partakes in banner napping among clubs in the area of eastern Ontario.

Participation in local activities is a club feature with demonstrations at summer and fall fairs, senior's residences, community centers and local schools.  Club members also participate in parades where dancing on a horse-drawn float is a test of one's dancing skills and balance. 

You can interact with Brian using an online blog.

. See Brian's comments and suggestions. See responses from other dancers. You can contribute to Brian's Blog with comments and ideas.

.See the blog for the Mainstream Dance by Definition Workshop
Read Brian's blog.   Click here.

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For Square Dancing Helpful Hints, Click here. Adobe.


Visitors are welcome. ♫  Please stop by on Monday, Tuesday or Friday
for a fun and memorable evening if you are in the area.

For Square Dancing Helpful Hints, Click here. Adobe.

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