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Callers for The Mississippi Squares Dance Club

Graham and Kerry Ingram

Plus Caller/Teacher

GRAHAM INGRAM has been teaching and calling modern square dancing for over twenty-five years. 

Graham has previously called for the Mississippi Squares at special demos and parades for several years. He presently calls for the club's regular Friday night Plus-Level dance. He has called for a number of clubs in eastern Ontario and the seaway valley. 

Graham's talents go well beyond square dancing, cuing rounds and prompting contra dancing. He plays at least fourteen musical instruments and conducts the Carleton Place and District Community Band. 

His wife Kerry Ingram joins Graham by playing in the band and is also a dedicated Carleton Place volunteer.

Brian and Amy Crawford

Basic and Mainstream Caller/Teacher

BRIAN CRAWFORD has been calling since 1997. He and his charming wife Amy started dancing with the Mississippi Squares in 1991 to the calling of Graham Ingram.  They served on the executive for three years, as secretary couple for one year and as directors for two years.  

They have served as angels every year except for the one year they started the Town and Kountry Kickers with Geoff Clarke. They dance at the A2 level.  Brian has taught a popular spring workshop so club dancers and area dancers can develop their skills.  

Brian started calling in 1997 thanks to the intro course led by John Charman. Brian also received a lot of help from Mel Wilkerson and the Mississippi Squares during the first years.  He started calling for the Mississippi Squares, the Dynamite Tay's and the Bytown Squares in 1999 and at present he calls for the Mississippi Squares and the Swinging Saints of Brockville.  

He has had the opportunity to call for different clubs across Ontario, Quebec and the USA — a privilege which he and Amy enjoy. 

Bob Summers

Special-Events Caller

BOB SUMMERS is our special-events caller. Sometimes our regular callers, Brian Crawford and Graham Ingram are scheduled. The caller can also provide the entertainment and music for these events.

The Mississippi Squares Dance Club regularly puts on Modern Square Dance demonstrations at local fairs and concerts. Club members also dance on floats in parades — such as the Santa Claus Parade in Carleton Place.  They provide entertainment at local shopping plazas and senior citizens residences. 

Updated November 2, 2013