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Brian and Amy Crawford

Square Dance Callers:

Brian and Amy Crawford

Round Dance Cuers

Jean and Don Clingin


Callerlab       CALLERLAB

As an organization of square dance callers, it is our mission to provide education and guidance to the leaders of our activity. CALLERLAB also maintains a suggested list of dancing programs, from Basic through C-3A. 


Square and Round Dance Associations

Current information about Square and Round Dancing in the area.

Where's the Dance     Square and round dance clubs, regular dances and events in your area and around the world.

Canadian Square and Round Dance Society

Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association

  T&D is an association of Callers, Leaders, Dancers and individuals or couples living in Ontario, Canada, who have the equivalent of three years dancing experience and are interested in the Aims and Objectives of the Association
National Square Dance Camper

National Square Dance Campers Association provides an opportunity for, and encourages those interested in, both Modern Square Dancing and Camping.

Seaway Valley Square and Round Dance Asssociation


Square Dance Information


Club listings:
   Clubs (Couples, Singles, Teen, Camping), Classes, Conventions, Dance Resorts, Events,  Organizations

Resource pages:  General Resources, Publications,  Mailing Lists & Newsgroups, etc.

United Square Dancers of America
  • Promote and perpetuate the Square Dance Movement.
  • Provide for education to further the growth and enjoyment of Square Dancing.
  • Encourage cooperation between member clubs etc.
  • Represent Square Dancing as a wholesome, enjoyable family type recreation.
  • Lessons database, Callers & Cuers database, etc.

Vic and Debbie Ceder's

Square Dance Resource Net
Club lists, Square Dance Software, Choreography & Definitions (Plus - C4)

Local Web Sites

Carleton Place


Area Info, Classifieds, Biz Directory, Events, Gab Zone, Games, Real Estate, Valley Photos, Weather.

Township of Beckwith

Township of Beckwith

Community Profile, Tourism, Business and Development, Community and Lifestyle, Local Government

Town of Mississippi Mills

Mississippi Mills Web Site including
Almonte and Pakenham

- including recreation programs
community events and festivals.

Ottawa Seniors
Articles, Directory, Discounts, Entertainment, 
Events (by Day, Week or Month), 
Financial Help, Forums, Health, Home Support, Shopping, Residence list.
Smiths Falls

Town of Smiths Falls including recreation programs, community events and business directory.