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September to April

Come out to our Basic/Mainstream dances on Tuesday nights @ 7:00 pm
or our Plus dances on Friday nights @ 7:30 pm


Our square dancing is at  the (New) Brunton Community Hall 2022 Beckwith Park Lane, Carleton Place, ON, K7C 3P2

How much? 

2 semesters Fall and winter. $80.00 per person per semester. roughtly 14 dances a semester (weather permitting)

Special Dances

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Special dance
About our club
“I love square dancing” 

The Mississippi Squares Dance Club

Formed in 1986, the club is based in the friendly town of Carleton Place, Ontario, at the junction of Highways 7, 15 and 29, approximately 40 km to the southwest of Ottawa.  It derives its name from the nearby Mississippi River and Lake.  Our regular dancing location is the (New) Brunton Community Hall, just 4.7 km south of Carleton Place on Hwy 15 and down 9th line.  The Mississippi Squares currently has one of the largest memberships in the Eastern Ontario Square and Round Dance Association (EOSARDA).  The club teaches modern square dancing with our caller Brian Crawford, and is very active in the recruitment of new dancers. To this end, the format on Tuesday evenings is one of alternating Basic and Mainstream tips. The immediate integration of new dancers with the Mainstream group has proven to be very successful in the retention of new dancers. Plus dancing is held weekly on Friday evenings.

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Mississippi Squares is Square Dancing again in 2024 on Tuesday Nights and Friday nights. Tuesday   focusing on Basic and Mainstream. Friday Plus dancing. 

Mississippi Squares Dance schedule 


Mississippi Squares is moving to a new hall 

(NEW) Brunton Community Hall
2022 Beckwith Park Lane
Carleton Place

K7C 3P2

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Our executive

Club Executive 2024-2025



Betty Goodwin

613 256 0551


Past President

Vince and Debbie Guthro

613 296 1817


Vice Presidents

Bruce and Melanie Jones

613 253 3759



Wendy Waddell

613 492 0286



Muriel Hanneson


Director of Publicity

Open position


Director, Social Convener

Diana Zubac

Francine George




Marion Armstrong

613 256 1575

Charlie Henderson



Howie and Diane Marsh


Murray and Marian Grant




Our caller
2019 Photo Brian and Amy cropped.jpg

Our Caller

Brian Crawford

              Brian has been calling for Mississippi Squares since 1999. He started learning to be a caller in 1997, taking an intro course that was led by John Charman. Brian also received ongoing tutoring from Mel Wilkerson, the caller for Mississippi Squares at that time. In 1998, Brian and another local caller, Geoff Clarke, started the Town and Kountry Kickers in Stittsville. Geoff took over as full-time caller for the Kickers in 1999 and Brian started calling for the Mississippi Squares. Over the years, Brian has also called for the Dynamite Tays in Perth, the Bytown Squares and Shadowcasters in Ottawa, and the Swinging Saints in Brockville.

Brian and his wife, Amy, started dancing with the Mississippi Squares in 1991 to the calling of Graham Ingram. They served on the executive for three years — as secretary couple for one year and as directors for two years. They also served as angels (partners for single dancers), and Amy continues to serve as an angel while Brian is calling. They enjoy dancing at the A2 level, but also enjoy every level leading up to A2.

Brian gives dancers from the whole region of eastern Ontario an opportunity to develop their skills each spring when Mississippi Squares hosts a workshop. He also has the opportunity to call for various clubs across Ontario, Quebec and the United States — a privilege that he and Amy very much appreciate.

Contact us

Contact us!


Betty Goodwin

613 256 0551



To submit articles about square dancing or about our club, contact
Director of Publicity


Past Presidents

Vince and Debbie Guthro 

613 296 1817

Director, Social Conveners

Diana Zubac 

Francine George


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